Etsy Marketplace


Etsy is a marketplace launched in 2005 focused on handmade and vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items. Etsy went public on April 16, 2015.

Uniquely Etsy has sellers and buyers from most countries in the world. Key markets is the US and UK, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany. In the US their main competition is eBay and Amazon with Amazon Handmade, as well as boutique websites. Despite this Etsy has been able to grow by focusing on handmade sellers community.

We built Handmade Hunt to highlight Etsy shops.

10,710,475 items sold in a month

During the last 30 days Etsy sellers sold 10,710,475 items. Customers then left a grand total of 1,896,894 feedback reviews for sellers. Both of these metrics are good indicators of the activity on the marketplace.

48,893,213 products

There are 48,893,213 products are listed by all marketplace sellers. On average a seller has 48 products listed for sale.

82% is Handmade, 7% is Vintage, and 11% is Supplies

Etsy has three main sections in the marketplace: Handmade, Vintage, and Supplies. Handmade represents 82% of sellers, Vintage represents 7% of sellers, and Supplies represents 11% of sellers.

Home & Living is the top category

20% of top sellers have their main category as Home & Living. Other popular categories are Art & Collectibles at 20%, Jewelry at 16%, and Clothing at 10%. Top Etsy Categories has the full list of top categories.

669,043 new sellers this year, 2,347 per day

So far this year 669,043 sellers joined the Etsy marketplace. This equals to 2,347 new sellers every day. During all of last year 770,756 new sellers joined. So far this year looks to outpace last year in terms of new sellers growth.

999,181 have products listed for sale

Etsy has more than 5 million sellers on the marketplace, so the newly joined 669,043 sellers this year are adding to an already long list of sellers. However only 999,181 have products listed for sale at the moment.

66% of sellers based in United States

Most sellers are based in United States, representing 66% of all sellers. Other common locations include United Kingdom at 10%, Canada at 5%, and France at 3%. Unsurprisingly United States is the leading location most sellers are located in, as Etsy has the strongest presence there. Nonetheless 34% of sellers are international, often selling to the US customers from abroad. Top Etsy Countries has the full list of countries.

US sellers are based in California, Texas, and Florida

US sellers are mostly located in California at 14%, Texas at 7%, and Florida at 7%. These three biggest states make up 28% of US sellers. Top Etsy States has the full list of states.

This report was last updated on . All metrics mentioned are calculated by our proprietary technology allowing us to collect data and analyze e-commerce marketplaces.

Browse and search for Etsy shops at Handmade Hunt.
Seller Location One Month Rank Lifetime Rank
Bohemian Findings Canada 1 1
Simply Gilded Co United States 2 370
Van Stickie Canada 3 4,671
Planner Kate 1 United States 4 27
Urban En V United States 5 67
One Source Store United States 6 39
Fox And Cactus Australia 7 109
Prettygrafikdesign Canada 8 10
Design In Your Heart South Korea 9 72
Soda Pop Studio Shop United States 10 340
Rose Colored Daze United States 11 1,218
Sew Much Crafting United States 12 95
beadboat 1 United States 13 57
Embroidery By TM United States 14 2,386
Shortsand Lemons United States 15 895
yakutum Turkey 16 16
Cricket Paper Co United States 17 191
A Zsupplies Turkey 18 126
Once More With Love Canada 19 19
Caitlyn Minimalist United States 20 165
bymitena Singapore 21 79
Maya Honey Slovakia 22 37
Jewelry Korea South Korea 23 105
Scribble Prints Co United States 24 14
Creating Unkamen United States 25 13
Gem Mart USA United States 26 56
alphabetcanvas United States 27 265
Pumpkin Paper Co United States 28 381
K Jewelry Metal Turkey 29 64
Pretty In Pink Supply United States 30 21
Sweet Kawaii Design United States 31 15
everfitte United States 32 81
Mod Party United States 33 40
Annie Plans Printables United States 34 153
Beadlanta United States 35 127
Lt Creative Studio United States 36 152
The Crown Prints United States 37 767
Bri Abby HMA United States 38 5,731
Glitter With Grace Co United States 39 6,438
The Turnip Seed United States 40 201
Wen Pearls China 41 317
Peggy Sue Also United States 42 100
Coquetry Clothing United States 43 587
Origins Digital Curio United States 44 579
Layered And Long United States 45 26
Vermeil Supplies United States 46 842
Bead Xpert Canada 47 627
Evertree Clothing United States 48 8,146
The Honey B Shop United States 49 749
The Glam Planner United States 50 144
beadsventure United States 51 333
nicoledebruin United Kingdom 52 3
Samanthaslime Shop United States 53 8,557
Baby Squishy Cheeks United States 54 202
Allabout Findings South Korea 55 69
Gold Swan United States 56 6
Peacefulmind Design Australia 57 239
Libbieandco United States 58 25
Arte Bella Surplus United States 59 22
Beadware IL United States 60 89
LRP Jewelry Box United States 61 32
happysupplies Hong Kong 62 8
Smart Parts United States 63 46
sammo United States 64 459
Thevelvetacorn United States 65 23
Spruce Mount United States 66 3,138
Planner Press United States 67 884
Bliss Crystals United States 68 185
Doodles Do AU Australia 69 24,983
Sparkly Paper Co United States 70 764
Divine Digital Diva United States 71 1,429
Hello Petite Paper Portugal 72 513
Indivi Jewels Co South Korea 73 251
Thanks 4 The Adventure United States 74 2,321
froufroucraft United States 75 343
yadanabeads United States 76 7
jewelersparadise United States 77 4
So Cute Appliques United States 78 84
Mignonand Mignon United States 79 118
dashingdesignsfinds United States 80 19,681
Portland Leather United States 81 916
Rand D Designs ILM United States 82 18,461
paperdoveshop United States 83 5,595
Confetti Momma Party United States 84 330
zipit United States 85 30
beadsmaker South Korea 86 20
Brandys Shop United States 87 138
Happy Cutie Studio United Kingdom 88 507
creatingandco United States 89 569
stitchesngiggles 4U United States 90 345
Once Upon A Time Tu Tus United States 91 77
Rivermill Embroidery United States 92 31
Cathy Dailey United States 93 47
Peachybbies United States 94 5,321
icraftsbymel United States 95 8,981
Say I Do Printables United States 96 10,920
Firefly Paper Studio United States 97 5,375
HJY Graphic Design United States 98 2,084
clbeads Canada 99 2
From Heart To Farm LLC United States 100 17,531
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