How We Rank Amazon Sellers

There are millions of sellers on the Amazon marketplace. Thus we find it interesting to discover the best performing ones.

Actually there are over 5 million marketplace sellers across all Amazon marketplaces. And so far this year 934,251 new sellers joined. This equals to 3,004 new sellers every day.

For the sake of context is the most active, and thus largest, marketplace with 3,188,196 feedback reviews received among all sellers in a month. This is 41% of the 7,839,652 feedback reviews on all Amazon marketplaces. Second largest is marketplace which received 1,530,330 feedback reviews. Third largest is marketplace which received 982,310 feedback reviews.

Feedback reviews isn't a direct representation of sales volume, but it allows to compare sellers to one another. We calculate how many feedback reviews the seller has received in a month, a year and during their lifetime on Amazon. A seller with 15th rank overall is receiving a consistant amount of feedback relative to their sales, so if their rank drops to 25th - either the competition has improved quickly, or the seller sales have slowed down.

Amazon claims that sellers receive feedback reviews for 10-20% of their orders. The ratio does vary a lot more though, even going as low as 1% for some sellers (especially those not actively reaching out to buyers for a review). This makes estimating sales figures for each seller hard, as they could be having 5-100x as many orders as they have feedback reviews.

Any seller with a rank under 100,000 should feel extremely proud! They are one of the top 5% Amazon sellers.

This report was last updated on . All metrics mentioned are calculated by our proprietary technology allowing us to collect data and analyze e-commerce marketplaces.

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