938,136 New Sellers on Amazon Marketplace This Year

So far this year 938,136 sellers joined all Amazon marketplaces. This equals to 3,006 new sellers every day, or 125 every hour, or even 2 every minute.

This is adding to the already 5 million marketplace sellers, although few of them will ever be active - many sellers end up never listing even a single product, and was mostly contributed to by 374,494 new sellers in Amazon.com, 96,877 new sellers in Amazon.in, and 72,677 new sellers in Amazon.co.uk.

Amazon.com.br with 3,158 new sellers since the start of the year is growing fastest relative to the marketplace size. While Amazon.com has added the highest number of sellers it is also the largest marketplace. Amazon.com.br on the other hand is relatively small, much smaller than Amazon.com. It is followed by Amazon.com.mx, and Amazon.in.

On other other hand Amazon.co.uk is the slowest growing marketplace. Followed by Amazon.cn, and Amazon.com.

Marketplace New Sellers This Year
Amazon.com 374,494
Amazon.in 96,877
Amazon.co.uk 72,677
Amazon.de 70,046
Amazon.fr 66,864
Amazon.it 66,540
Amazon.es 60,427
Amazon.ca 59,551
Amazon.co.jp 44,710
Amazon.com.mx 20,770
Amazon.com.br 3,158
Amazon.cn 2,022

30% of the 938,136 new sellers who joined the Amazon marketplace this year already had a seller feedback review.

So far this year 431,631 sellers had their first feedback review. This is more than the figure above because some of the sellers joined the marketplace years ago, but only became active this year.

Of the 374,494 new sellers on Amazon.com so far this year, 127,296 had at least a feeedback review already. Thus roughly 33% of new sellers this year had at least a sale (though there are sellers with a few sales and no reviews). So 67% of the new sellers are yet to make a move.

Many sellers who join the marketplace often end up never becoming active, thus while Amazon has over 5 million marketplace sellers it is a weak figure to rely on.

Marketplace New Sellers With a Review Percent of New Sellers
Amazon.com 127,296 33%
Amazon.co.uk 25,626 35%
Amazon.de 23,483 33%
Amazon.in 19,308 19%
Amazon.ca 18,791 31%
Amazon.co.jp 18,406 41%
Amazon.it 18,115 27%
Amazon.fr 17,214 25%
Amazon.es 16,490 27%
Amazon.com.mx 1,190 5%
Amazon.cn 656 32%
Amazon.com.br 563 17%

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