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Walmart News

What If Walmart Acquired Netflix

It would be interesting to ask how many people inside Walmart, and Amazon have used, and understand Snapchat. And by induction how many understand the people who do. Because the new generation, for whom Snapchat is the most used app, will be shopping differently. There is not going be innovation in e-commerce if the people building it don't understand their users.

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Amazon News

The Myth of Amazon Copying Best-Seller Products

Many think that successful products on Amazon are inevitably going to get copied by Amazon since it has unlimited access to data on each product's performance. This is a complete myth. Since January AmazonBasics has grown by 475 products. From 873 in January, to 1,348 in October.

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E-Commerce News

One Third of US E-Commerce Comes from Marketplaces

According to new estimates from eMarketer, Amazon will own about 44 cents out of every e-commerce dollar spent in the US this year, up from 38 cents the previous year. What's interesting in this, outside of Amazon being the leader, is that that marketplaces are the biggest contributor to US e-commerce.

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Etsy News

13,547 Sellers on Amazon Handmade vs. 1,003,822 on Etsy

Amazon Handmade was launched in October 2015, exactly two years ago. The products on Amazon Handmade are listed by 13,547 sellers based on our research. Compared to 1,003,822 sellers with products listed on Etsy. If all Amazon Handmade sellers were one seller, the number of seller feedback reviews received by it would make that seller the number one seller on marketplace.

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E-Commerce News

PayPal Beyond eBay

In the last quarter PayPal transactions volume associated with eBay represented 13.5% of the total, compared to 16% last year, and 20% two years ago. Since the companies split in July 2015 the volume of transactions from eBay has increased, but PayPal has been able to grow in other areas beyond that.

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eBay News

eBay From Listings to Products to Brands

eBay 2017 Q3 financial results were released last night. eBay marketplaces delivered $20.5 billion of GMV, up 8.5%, the fastest it's been in over three years. But the financial results are not as interesting as the long-term changes eBay is making to stay relevant.

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