JD.com Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV)

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GMV is defined as the total value of all orders for products and services placed in the JD.com online direct sales business and on the JD.com online marketplaces, regardless of whether the goods are sold or delivered or whether the goods are returned. GMV includes shipping charges paid by buyers to sellers and excludes any transactions in the JD.com B2C business with order value exceeding RMB2,000 that are not ultimately sold or delivered and products or services on the JD.com C2C marketplace, Paipai.com, with list prices above RMB100,000 as well as transactions conducted by buyers on Paipai.com who make purchases exceeding RMB1,000,000 in the aggregate in a single day.

Last reported quarter 2017 Q2 it was ¥234.80 billion, up by 49% from ¥157.10 billion the same quarter a year before.

Since 2015 it increased by 53%, from ¥424.50 billion to ¥647.90 billion in 2016.

Local currency used, not US$.

Source: JD.com Quarterly Results.

JD.com Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) 2013-2017